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Monty Python’s The Ministry Of Silly Games Walkthrough Video Game Guide (PC) Facebook App Announced

Monty Python’s The Ministry Of Silly Games announced for Facebook

Monty Python's The Ministry of Silly Games screenshot (Facebook)

Facebook gets a brand new Monty Python video game named “Monty Python’s: The Ministry of Silly Games”, a great all-new video game (That’s right Grayam, it’s a game of a video) driven and inspired from the original vintage television show… “The Flying Circus”, one of my all time favourites from both my childhood and still is to this day.  For some reason I want to say “Llamma” here, but not sure why….  “Oh the fangs…look at the, it’s got huge bones, and the claws….”  Someone give me a holy hand grenade and i’ll get on with this writeup…

Okay right, that was just silly.  Now the overall game is something that is manufactured by Zattikka and brings together Role-playing game components using an assortment of minigames influenced from the timeless motion pictures.

Gamers will certainly take part in most of these minigames in order to acquire tokens that they can commit to elements of a piece of equipment they have to service to be able to open more significant challenges belonging to the minigames branches and levels upward.

The following is a substantial in-depth media record in which showcases plenty of game play video footage as well as selection interviews together with the individuals associated with the development of the soon to be all time classic FacePlant (er, Facebook app) and again it’s called ‘Monty Python’s: The Ministry of Silly Games’ which we state here for a third time since it’s really fun to say Silly Games over and over in an article that is supposed to be serious.  Can someone say “Complete Waste of Time?”  Oh wait, I finished that game… nevermind.   🙂



At present you can sign up for a Monty Python’s: Ministry of Silly Games beta version instead of having to wait for the games release which will come out mid winter or early spring.

Click here for the Monty Python’s The Ministry Of Silly Games walkthrough

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