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Xbox Boss Promises to Prove the Power of the Cloud, Says Today’s Demo Wasn’t Just Throwaway Work

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Which Xbox 360 to buy An Xbox 360 buying guide The Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s popular gaming system. It consists of a console that is compatible with DVDs and video game disks in the Xbox 360 format. The Xbox 360 is widely available in both retail and online stores.

Microsoft announced Nokia chief Stephen Elop will take the role of Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Devices group, one of three appointments made by the company’s new CEO, Satya Nadella. Elop, the head of the Finnish smartphone maker acquired by Microsoft for $7.2 billion, will report directly to Nadella.

Microsoft (MSFT) Chief Executive Satya Nadella has appointed two new top lieutenants, naming Scott Guthrie as Cloud & Enterprise Group executive vice president and Phil Spencer as Xbox boss, and officially announced Stephen Elop will run the vendor’s devices unit once its $7.2 billion deal for Nokia’s (NOK) cell phone business goes through later this year.

USERCOMMENT: Buzz around this topic

Maybe the dgpu and stacked gpu will also be revealed eh Power? Gamers around the web in the darkest regions of the reddit xbox forums? or the misterxmedia forums? A little bit of selective association and hearing there? Don’t kid yourself into thinking you or the people you associate yourself with in your deluded other world are anywhere close to impartial. 

Im sure its spinning to want to see real word abilities instead of controlled company stunts (which any and every company does to make their products look good)

Im also sure the latency issues should be COMPLETELY ignored because they could possibly undermine your narrow minded thought process. The fact that something could go wrong for Microsoft (they never do wrong in your eyes).

Internet connection speeds must not be an issue (everyone can afford the top end fios right?)…or the fact the different xbox owners are guaranteed to have uneven experiences with cloud technology….IF it is even achievable in the real world.

The issue was not that cloud gaming was not possible on the xbox one or really ANY gaming device…..the issue IS that internet connection speeds and the wide variety of console owners living spaces and locations create an uneven experience which in its current form dont make it possible or even practical for real world use.

Until Microsoft issue a statement saying the latency used for their tech demo or if the specs were anywhere near the ability of an xbox one….it can easily be passed off as not yet there. Let alone implementation in an ACTUAL game

Xbox Boss Promises to Prove the Power of the Cloud, Says Today's Demo Wasn't Just Throwaway Work

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