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  • What Computers Have Over Consoles

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 27, 2012 under Uncategorized
    What's the deal these days with PC gaming anyway?  GameStop barely carries any PC titles anymore.  That's probably because if you've been like most gamers, you have evolved to make do with a decent laptop or mini-tower for your computing needs and used a true gaming system console like PS3 or X360 for your gaming.  So what about when a big hit title comes up like the recent Star Wars Old Republ... more.
  • SoulCalibur V Walkthrough Strategy Guide

    2 CommentsPosted by on January 26, 2012 under Uncategorized
    SoulCalibur V Walkthrough | Move Tactics & Combinations Strategy Guide If it's combos, and move tactics, get all the inside details for the latest from Namco Bandai's SoulCalibur franchise which this time includes none other than Enzio from Assassin's Creed along with the other random suspects in a kind of 15th century Europe stylization that makes this version both odd and interesting. ... more.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Dreadnought DLC Review

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 26, 2012 under Uncategorized
    It's about time for a new 40k Space Marine DLC after waiting longer than the first DLC's of Modern Warfare 3, does Dreadnought bring something more to be admired from this newly created Space Marine franchise?  With some interesting insight, one of our avid partners (namely TheControllerOnline) has gone head first into the details of the Dreadnought DLC, so let's find out what the scoop is shall ... more.
  • Steel Armor: Blaze Of War – Review

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 26, 2012 under Uncategorized
    There's nothing like the safety of an invincible tank to keep you alive during the mad crazy fighting to be had in Steel Armor Blaze of War.  Our partners at GameAspect really get in that ride and investigate if it's really as safe as you'd think when armed warfare heads in your direction.  Lets find out what they have to say: As my tank makes its slow climb out of the pool the enemy zeros ... more.
  • Our Favorite Game Characters | Game Aspect Decides

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 24, 2012 under Uncategorized
    If it's one thing everyone loves, it's when sites like gamefaqs, (or us) run those polls of favorite or faceoff's for best game characters.  Speaking of that, I think i'll go ahead and change the poll right now since there's something I've been wondering.  (Switching to Tomb Raider vs Nathan Drake mode...of course with an underdog thrown in for good measure.  hehehe). Wonder what those n... more.
  • The Darkness 2 Additional Preview

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 24, 2012 under Uncategorized
    If you know about the great work being done at 2kgames to expand the gameplay mechanics as well as the full overhaul of the graphics engine for Darkness 2, you'd understand why this game is destined to be a smash hit.  Even if you didn't play the original Darkness (which might have jaded you anyway), the full Darkness 2 title is a complete standalone story, which a bit of prelude to explain exact... more.
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Preview

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 24, 2012 under Uncategorized
    With huge titles like Skyrim and RPG excitement in most gamer's minds this year, it's perfect timing for yet another very advanced looking RPG style action game to hit the market, and it appears that Kingdoms of Amalar: Reckoning has hit it's mark in the gaming community's interest level. Many fans, and friends of the GGD community have discussed the game with us, and now it's time to check it ... more.
  • Zen Pinball 3D Review | Nintendo 3DS

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 18, 2012 under Uncategorized
    Already cornering the market on console digital download pinball games, Zen Studios branches out to portable pinballing with Zen Pinball 3D for Nintendo 3DS, available to download from the Nintendo eShop. Let's take a closer look to see if it lives up to the quality of Zen's previous works of pinball art. Inching ever closer to global video game pinball domination, this week Zen Studios, with one... more.
  • FIFA 2012 Review

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 18, 2012 under Uncategorized
    One of our more animate game reviewers has mustered up the courage to take the plunge and review the latest FIFA 2012.  From what many have been saying and the way sales have been so far, FIFA 2012 is a worthy prospect to any video game sports enthusiast.  Here's what our buds at GameAspect have to report: Although I believe sports games have come as far as they can for ideas, the graphics ... more.
  • The Day the Internet Blacked Out! Gamers, Google, Facebook & others Fight SOPA and PIPA

    0 CommentsPosted by on January 18, 2012 under Uncategorized
    It won't be possible to get through today without hearing about the legistlation bills known as SOPA and PIPA being discussed which are attemps to squelch internet websites that use fruadulent or illegal means to infringe on copyrighted materials. Opponents include Google, Yahoo!, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, LinkedIn, eBay, Mozilla Corporation, Roblox, Reddit, the Wikimedia Foundation, ... more.
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