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This Dead Space 2 image gave me the following nightmare…(PSN)



A nightmare is a disturbing dream that causes the dreamer to wake up feeling anxious and frightened. Nightmares may be a response to real life trauma and experiences. These type of nightmares fall under a special category called post-traumatic stress nightmare (PSN).

 So there I was floating gently in space on a humble Apollo like spacecraft, small but cozy, and I guess the others stayed home because I was alone.  Or so I thought.   After I tried looking at the moon with my thumb doing my best Tom Hanks impersonation and realizing that the radio was nothing but static, I started to get a little worried.  I remembered that the air on one of these things only lasts so long and I’d better figure out quickly how to get this thing moving to get back home. 

All the knobs and switches and blinking and flashing and meters and , and empty storage spaces….  hmmm…

Geez there’s a bunch of storage space in here, but they are all empty.  Probably should be food or something in them… Gosh my wife would love that really huge big metal closet looking one if its empty…

I went to open it and Mr. Perfect from the picture up there pops out and in an instant smashes me into the floor and as he was trying to devour me with half his head coming apart I could see inside what looked like smushy half chewed grapes and lots of blood which started splattering and slooshing on me as I struggled making my hands wet and harder to defend the few inches I had from this menacing creature vaulting at me…. 

I then remembered I used to have dreams of monsters with smushy grapes in their mouths when I was a kid… it was like the thing that scared me most, not necessariliy the getting eaten or pain part, but the grossness of it all.   Thinking about dreaming in a dream distracted me and I was able to push the beast off of me and it hit the floor with a half spash and thud as it scrambled and slipped around in it’s own disgusting I guess it was slobber and blood or movie made secretion of some kind they’d use in like polterguest.   It looked up at me and all angry I swear to you, it says in a gargled full of phlem voice:  “Doncha like GRAPES!!!”  and makes right for me again…  then I woke up. 

Can’t wait till Jan 25th… happy dreaming everyone!!

Please comment if you think i’m a tard, or whatever….  or if you laughed, that’d be cool to know too.  Even though you’d be laughing at me, it’s better than no laughing at all.

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