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Earthrise Walkthrough video game guide PC

Towards the end of the 21st century, war raged across Earth as resources diminished. Scientists began working on a DNA database storing the genetic codes of every living thing. They called it the ‘Continoma Project’. A few hundred years passed and and the scientists started cloning humans, naming them pioneers. The only place safe for these pioneers to live was on an island called Enterra because the old cities were swarming with mutant man-eating plants and animals.

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Earthrise Walkthrough video game guide PC

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Here, Continoma leaders founded the city of Sal Vitas and formed a new government. With control over the DNA database, the Continoma government decided who lived and who died by removing DNA information from the database of those convicted of criminal behaviour. As more humans were cloned, society split into separate groups and factions and eventually an organization called Noir took on the role of armed resistance.

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