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  • New Video Game Release Details for 47th Week of 2011 (November 20-27)

    Posted by on November 22, 2011 under New Releases
    Video game DLC extras shine for the biggest of the big! Three of those extremely recent releases over the next seven days get a second helping of "oooohhhh!" These video game downloadable add-on content packs target that range of smash hit titles almost attempting to prove that a gamer such as yourself must have at least one of these blockbusters and you are either currently playing it or have co... more.
  • Dead Island Review Controversy Continues | GameGuideDog

    Posted by on September 20, 2011 under News
    Dead Island... ah everyone's raving right?  Does it have poorly done textures?  Skimping on worthwhile storyline? Are there woes to the gamer that will make us wonder if the hype for Dead Island was all really worth it?  Again this is all opinionated stuff, I personally played it for a couple days to review it myself, and well, it was fun enough that i'd definitely have played it all the way ... more.
  • New Video Game Titles Releasing for 37th Week of 2011 (September 12th thru September 18th)

    Posted by on September 13, 2011 under New Releases
    Another great week here at GGD as we cover and publish online strategy walkthrough guides for each of these great game titles, keep your bookmarks and tweets in order as we have quite a bit to give you this week including a full walkthrough guides for King Arthur Fallen Champions, White Knight Chronicles II, Hard Reset, and Rise of Immortals just to name a few.  We also are putting the finishing ... more.
  • Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC Trophies List

    Posted by on September 11, 2011 under News, PS3 / PS4 Spotlights
    Does the new Dead Island DLC live up to its name? We believe so, and if you want to make sure you get all the trophies have a peek at the complete Dead Island Bloodbath Arena Trophy list below:   If you are playing the main Dead Island storyline, make sure to get your copy of the Dead Island Walkthrough right here from GameGuideDog! Yes gang, the trophy list for the new Dead Isla... more.
  • Dead Island Review, Walkthrough and Gameplay Details

    Posted by on September 8, 2011 under News, PS3 / PS4 Spotlights, XBox 360 / Xbox ONE Spotlights
    Can you say "I need a Dead Island Walkthrough?" I knew you could! Make sure to grapple your hands on a copy for your own dear life right here for the complete Dead Island gameplay expereience! Now on to the review. Is the hype everything they've been saying so far? In our opinion it sure is! The controller online reviews Dead Island for us: "Remember when Techland released the first trailer for... more.
  • Top Ten Video Game Walkthrough Links This Week | Video Game Press Releases

    Posted by on September 7, 2011 under News
    Hey there gamer fans, we wanted to post up the most relevant Video Game Walkthrough Results this week per our research team. They are pretty straightforward and unsurprisingly Dead Island and Resistance 3 are at the top of the food chain this week. Enjoy and keep coming back, oh and don't forget to retweet some of these to your gamer friends, it's a must to share the good news, and they'll lov... more.
  • Dead Island Walkthrough | Video Game Walkthrough Guide for PC PS3 XBox 360

    Posted by on September 2, 2011 under PC, PS3 / PS4, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE
    This Dead Island Walkthrough Strategy Guide breaks down each level guiding you through each area to solve and survive Dead Island without missing any of the important objectives or content. If you want to really enjoy all Dead Island has to offer, you owe it to yourself to get your own copy of the Dead Island Walkthrough from GameGuideDog compatable for the PC PS3 and XBox 360 versions! Don't ge... more.
  • Dead Island Screenshot Gallery | Dead Island Wallpapers

    Posted by on August 2, 2011 under News
    Get a load of our Dead Island screenshots and wallpapers gallery! Here are the latest screencaps and artworks from the game direct from Square Enix. Is it just us, or do a few of these remind you of DOOM 3?  Well regardless, many of these awesome captures will make just the perfect desktop wallpaper if you um, work in a liberal environment go ahead and snap them up!  If you are as big a fan of t... more.
  • Dead Island Walkthrough To Kill Time Video

    Posted by on May 23, 2011 under Best Games, News, Trailers
    Here's the latest released and exceptionally anticipated gameplay footage of Dead Island. Ten minutes of the biggest game we've ever been so excited to play right here on our very own GameTube channel. Dead Island Gameplay Walkthrough To Kill Time Video ... more.
  • Dead Island Walkthrough and Trailer

    Posted by on February 25, 2011 under News, Trailers
    Now we get to watch the Dead Island trailer both in forward and in reverse... very cool! If you haven’t heard of Dead Island, you will now.  Make sure you check out the Dead Island Walkthrough on this site.  The topic of discussion (along with your comments below as well) has been one of the peak interests of the gaming industry since last week as developer Techland revealed its trailer for... more.