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  • Rage Review | PC PS3 Xbox 360

    Posted by on October 8, 2011 under New Releases, News
    Don't fergit to get a load of our great Rage Walkthrough Strategy Guide right here at your friendly neighborhood GameGuideDog.  From buggy racin' to old western style shootouts, well not old western, more like a new frontier of bandits, mutants and bizarre monstrosities, Rage from ID attempts to give you the best of every wasteland with a fully charges FPS/buggy shooting version of a Mad Max styl... more.
  • RAGE Walkthrough | Video Game Walkthrough Strategy for PC PS3 and XBox 360

    Posted by on October 3, 2011 under PC, PS3 / PS4, PS3 / PS4 Spotlights, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE, XBox 360 / Xbox ONE Spotlights
    Rage Walkthrough | PC PS3 XBox 360 With titles like Borderlands and Fallout 3 being so popular, it's not wonder that ID Software got into bed with Bethesda to give us a rather impressive taste of some of the best genre titles to date in one game.  With literally millions of weapon mod options, Rage is one of the few titles that will bring all Quake and Doom fans to one multiplayer resolution whi... more.
  • Dead Island Walkthrough | Video Game Walkthrough Guide for PC PS3 XBox 360

    Posted by on September 2, 2011 under PC, PS3 / PS4, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE
    This Dead Island Walkthrough Strategy Guide breaks down each level guiding you through each area to solve and survive Dead Island without missing any of the important objectives or content. If you want to really enjoy all Dead Island has to offer, you owe it to yourself to get your own copy of the Dead Island Walkthrough from GameGuideDog compatable for the PC PS3 and XBox 360 versions! Don't ge... more.
  • Bodycount Walkthrough Strategy Guide | Video Game Walkthrough for PS3 XBox 360

    Posted by on August 29, 2011 under PS3 / PS4, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE
    If you are all about good FPS titles like we are, you will absolutely want to get the most out of Bodycount with our Bodycount Walkthrough guide which will guide you from start to finish for the ultra-modern epic from Codemasters showing you how to accomplish everything with skill and finesse for each and every area including all secrets, bonus powerups and everything else you wish you could fin... more.
  • RAGE Preview New Trailer, Screenshots and Details | PC PS3 XBox 360

    Posted by on August 29, 2011 under News
      Take a closer look at the upcoming first-person shooter from id Software's, RAGE. We covered it briefly at E3, if you liked any Quake or Doom title you'll want to read up on our in depth story provided by TheControllerOnline that tells us what to think of this highly anticipated soon to be released game coming to a console near you October 4th, 2011. iD Software are known for maki... more.
  • Deus Ex Human Revolution Preview

    Posted by on August 5, 2011 under News
    The Truth Will Change You. Over at The Controller Online, they take a closer look at Edios Montreal's upcoming Action RPG Deus Ex Human Revolution. "It's been more than 8 years since the last Deus Ex game was released, and it's about time we get a new one. Eidos Montreal are rebooting the series with the prequel Deus Ex Human Revolution on August 23rd. The game is set in the year 2027 a... more.
  • Hard Reset – An Incredible FPS coming out next month

    Posted by on August 4, 2011 under News
    The origins of this story are provided in the link below from our friends at Kotoku but what's truly odd in this particular case is the lack of promotion, and we mean entire lack of any kind of promotion whatsoever for Hard Reset from Flying Wild Hog which is due out next month. The idea is to get people hooked by releasing the game rather than overhyping the release over the course of mont... more.
  • The Opening 2 Hours of RAGE | XBox 360 Rage Preview Details

    Posted by on August 2, 2011 under News
        When you start out playing Rage you'll probably be delighted to see the return of the buggy ride which hasn't been brought back since the likes of Half Life or Halo, and it's about time.  As you forge forward on your quests for Dan Hagar (voiced by John Goodman), you ultimately experience a vast wasteland of first person shooter heaven in RPG style. The goal was a mix o... more.