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  • Video Game Gold Box Deal of The Week

    Posted by on March 25, 2014 under Tech Bones
    You can beat a good amazon deal…oh where are my manners? Good morning gamers all and welcome to this weeks Gold Box deal that is happening this week. There are a lot of marked down prices on games that might have your interest and lucky for you, GameGuidedog is here to let you know about them!! Samsung really likes expandable storage. Pretty much every single Samsung phone and tablet... more.
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville PS3/PS4 | PS Vita | X360/XBox One

    Posted by on March 11, 2014 under PS3/PS4, Trailers, X360 / XBox ONE
      The Powerpuff Girls: Bubbles (left), Blossom (middle), and Buttercup (right) Coming March 14 to Steam from the fine folks at Cartoon Network and Radiangames , The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville gives players the power to choose between the classic animation style from the series' first run and the horrible new one. Maybe the new one isn't so horrible. Remember the hyper pink... more.
  • Battlefield 4 Walkthrough | PC PS3 XBox 360 PS4 XBox One

    Posted by on October 12, 2013 under Featured, PC, PS3/PS4, X360 / XBox ONE
    Let's have a look at the important details surrounding Battlefield 4.  For EA Digital Illusions this is no doubt one of the biggest hits this fall. The highly anticipated Battlefield 4 utilizes major tweaks and updates to its original graphics engine.  Battlefield 3 was built on the Frostbite engine which allowed for chaotic destruction of the environment similar to the Red Faction GeoMOD engin... more.
  • GameGuidedog’s New Releases Week of Sep 22, 2013

    Posted by on September 23, 2013 under News
    With the overwhelming success of the release of GTA V hitting a record sales high of close to a billion dollars, what do we have in store for us this coming week? Well it's safe to say the release cycle has made big strides to avoid too much fluctuation in releases to continue making way for the systems burning themselves to a crisp with GTA V action. Don't forget to check out the GTA V Walkthr... more.
  • Pikmin 3 Walkthrough | Wii U | GameGuidedog

    Posted by on July 29, 2013 under Nintendo Wii-U Spotlights, Wii-WiiU
    Here is GameGuideDog's Pikmin 3 walkthrough which will guide you from start to finish with strategy tips for this real-time strategy simulation game on the  intendo Wii U. Pikmin 3 is the feverishly anticipated RTS game exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii U. This third installment in the Pikmin franchise is the direct sequel to Pikmin 2, which was released in 2004 on Nintendo’s GameCube. A... more.
  • Tomb Raider (2013) Walkthrough | A Survivor Is Born PC PS3 XBox 360

    Posted by on May 13, 2013 under Best Games, PC, PC Spotlights, PS3/PS4, PS3/PS4 Spotlights, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE, XBox 360/Xbox ONE Spotlights
    Get the complete Tomb Raider Walkthrough right here at GameGuideDog. A SURVIVOR IS BORN When Lara set out to ­find the legendary island of Yamatai, it seemed convincing the crew of the Endurance to head into the dangerous area of the sea known as The Dragon’s Triangle would prove to be the greatest challenge. Finding the island was only the beginning. Lara must explore, ­ fight, and... more.
  • This Weeks Video Game Releases for March 1st, 2013

    Posted by on February 27, 2013 under Best Games, News
      Take a good look at what's coming out this week and you'll notice a nostalgic favorite: ODDWORLD MUNCH'S ODDYSEE now in HD.  Back in 1999 when this author used to work with GT Interactive, this title was awarded best opening animation every seen in a video game and to date, if you bother to watch it, it's still one of the greats.   We also have the PC release of Call of Duty ... more.
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines Walkthrough | PC PS3 XBox 360

    Posted by on February 25, 2013 under Featured, PC, PC Spotlights, PS3/PS4, PS3/PS4 Spotlights, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE, XBox 360/Xbox ONE Spotlights
    Welcome to the best online Aliens: Colonial Marines Walkthrough!  Got Secret Locations  and full maps? Only if you’ve got this guide. Gearbox Studios custom rendered exclusive maps for every mission. They’re awesome and you won’t find them anywhere but here—not even in–game. The online walkthrough guide has Excellent maps that show the locations of all the collectables like ... more.
  • Every Video Game Walkthrough Online Since 2001

    Posted by on December 22, 2012 under Featured, News
    If you are new here you might be surprised to learn that the power the members of GameGuidedog's gaming community continues to multiply for over a decade. No longer will you ever be stuck in a game, nor need to shell out extra cash for a strategy guide. (The average game costs $69.99, do you really need to spend another $20 of your hard earned cash?) Right now till the end of the this year, all... more.
  • AlsoVille: Widget Gets Free Advertising!

    Posted by on October 10, 2012 under Best Games, Featured, Tech Bones
    The creators and founders of GameGuidedog and Wonderdog Software have had a great time over the past 11 years.  With that it's also fun to mention the great games and products that were published like the award winning Deluxe Solitaire for Kids , Circle Quest, Cutthroat Dice, and the ever popular Virtual Juggler 3D. With the flagship products all falling into the non-violent video game genre... more.

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