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  • AlsoVille: Widget Gets Free Advertising!

    Posted by on October 10, 2012 under Best Games, Featured, Tech Bones
    The creators and founders of GameGuidedog and Wonderdog Software have had a great time over the past 11 years.  With that it's also fun to mention the great games and products that were published like the award winning Deluxe Solitaire for Kids , Circle Quest, Cutthroat Dice, and the ever popular Virtual Juggler 3D. With the flagship products all falling into the non-violent video game genre... more.
  • Indie Interview: Warballoon, Star Command

    Posted by on April 24, 2012 under Best Games
    When it comes to old school look, or gameplay, many video game fans gobble it up.  If you are an old time gamer or a newbie, you'll still benefit from playing these nostalgic pieces of the past.  In many cases, they are new innovations on an old theme.  At least that's what comes to mind when looking at the Warballoon Star Command title, and indie release which has also stuck to the roots of wh... more.
  • Boy Loves Girl Released iPad/iPhone at AppStore

    Posted by on December 21, 2011 under Best Games, Trailers
    BOY LOVES GIRL Bringing Love to the AppStore! RELEASE DATE: Wednesday 21st December 2011   Well we have seen it all here at GameGuidedog, especially innovate and creative new gaming ideas, but this one takes the cake. Simplistic in design and strategy, yet addictive and oh so cute, the latest craze to hit the portable gaming world this holiday season is none other than "Boy Loves ... more.
  • Jetpack Joyride Review | iOS

    Posted by on October 5, 2011 under News
    Halfbrick, the creators of hit iOS games like Fruit Ninja and Age of Zombies, have a new joyride for iPhone and iPad users to take for a spin. A Jetpack Joyride, that is! When I first heard the name of the game Jetpack Joyride, my first impression was one of bemusement.  I had thought that perhaps the developer could have only picked a more generic title if they had gone “Check it out Jetp... more.
  • Burn the Rope Worlds Preview | Coming to iOS September 15th

    Posted by on September 4, 2011 under News
    Burn the Rope Worlds iPhone Preview Traveling from the airport to E3 this year, I had the opportunity to sit next to the creator and developer of Burn the Rope who showed the latest update to me on his iPhone (or it may have been an Android version actually).  It was the first time I had seen the game, and to be honest it looked pretty interesting.  Having to turn the phone to guide the fire ... more.
  • Kickin Momma Review | iOS

    Posted by on August 31, 2011 under News
    Hothead Games has released a new Peggle-like puzzle game for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and it involves a fat, blue, blobby momma who wants a shiny new necklace and must kick her babies into a field of pegs to collect jewels and gems. Sounds fun, but does the game have enough legs to keep players busy? Leveraging the deep fiction and back story of its earlier downloadable game Swarm, Hothe... more.
  • iPhone YouTube Video Runs 23 Days Long | Is that a world record?

    Posted by on July 29, 2011 under Paws Button
    It's not really 'gaming' news, but honestly, it'd have to be a video that looks like this one that actually goes on for over 23 days to define a reason to hit the "PAWS BUTTON"... no pun intended.  Okay well maybe a little.  Check out the full length video at the link below and we'll see you after you've shaved and bathed or your keyboard will get sticky with filth. The interview ab... more.