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  • Review The Crew – Cinegamers

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    The Crew is an entertaining and fun game, but it has an expiration date due to the lack of variety. The more hours let the giant mapping United States, more will come out their flaws and weaknesses and before I leave forgotten. It's a shame because its social component and its proposal are fun and original, but is poorly implemented, especially Via Review The Crew - Cinegamers... more.
  • Amazon Holiday Video Game Last Chance Deals Update

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    Gamerdeals: "Amazon has just reloaded their Holiday 2014 video game deals with last chance deals, 25%+ off games, and also added some competitive price matching! Grab cheap video game deals on Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, 3DS, DS, PS Vita, and PC/Mac. Deals run from 12/13 - 12/20, and are based on availability." ( 3DS Via Amazon Holiday Video Game Last Ch... more.
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sales Top 11.4M Units Worldwide – PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    VGChartz Writes: "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been a success for developer Sledgehammer Games. While sales might be down when compared to last years Call of Duty: Ghosts it is still the bestselling game in 2014 so far. The game has managed to sell 11.44 million units worldwide in its first four weeks at retail, according to VGChartz. During Black Via Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sal... more.
  • Destiny’s Dark Below expansion punishes the game’s most important players

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    Destiny could be defended in the past. When others deemed its loot systems broken, I came up with justifications for them. When others declared the game mediocre, I explained why it was one of my favorite games of the year. I committed to this game, and mastered its arcane and counterintuitive systems. Bungie has punished everyone who trusted them or invested Via Destiny's Dark Below expansion pu... more.
  • GTA 5 Online Holiday DLC Update – Christmas Apartments, Snowball Launcher and more

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    New info for the Holiday DLC update in GTA 5 Online found by NillxModz. Lots of interesting features will land on December 23rd 2014 with the 1.05 update. Christmas apartments, Christmas clothing, bonus items and more. NillxModz is pleased to say that they have managed to explore areas which weren't available a few days ago, leading to more features coming with Via GTA 5 Online Holiday DLC Update... more.
  • Destiny: The Dark Below Review – Kill Screen

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    KS: "It’s a matter of self-improvement. Each day you collect your tasks, every one itemized for your convenience, and organize their alignment. Planning an efficient path through this daily to-do is the key to success, along with managing both your short-term and long term goals. Of course, currencies are open to manipulation and fluctuation, so calculating how to maximise their potent... more.
  • Far Cry 3/4

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    Stephen Wilds writes "This mystical mountain land is no place for heroes, and where players will spend as much time looting the bodies of their own soldiers as they will their enemies. Needless to say, I was excited to burn this place down to the ground after a slew of detailed trailers and one of my favorite shooters of 2012—even if Via Far Cry 3/4... more.
  • GTA Online Heists: New Trailer and Info

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    GTA Online Heists are coming early in 2015 - check out the new trailer for the four-player co-op mode for Grand Theft Auto Online that allows players to plan, prepare and execute multi-tiered Heists across Los Santos and Blaine County. These will require tight communication and coordination, with players taking on specified roles at each point to accomplish multiple objectives on Via GTA Online H... more.
  • Holiday Sale Week 3: Games, Movies and TV Shows Discounted

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    Official PlayStation Blog writes: "We’ve had two awesome weeks to start off the Holiday Sale on PS Store, and today we’re kicking off the Week 3 of our massive, four-week sale. Following today’s PS Store publish, we’re discounting a new line-up of games at up to 60% off. PS Plus members get an added bonus with titles discounted at up to Via Holiday Sale Week 3: Games,... more.
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists (Finally) Revealed

    Posted by on December 16, 2014 under News
    Ryan McCaffrey at IGN writes - "To say we've waited a long time for multiplayer Heists to get added into Grand Theft Auto Online would be the understatement of the year. The bad news is that we still don't have a concrete date for when it's finally happening. The good news, however, is that we do now have a killer trailer Via Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists (Finally) Revealed... more.

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