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  • Red Faction: Battlegrounds Walkthrough and Review | PS3 | XBox 360

    Posted by on April 7, 2011 under PS3 / PS4, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE
    Disciples of the Red Faction franchise have an early treat with which to satiate their gaming hunger while they await the much anticipated Red Faction: Armageddon, in the form of the newly released video appetizer, Red Faction: Battlegrounds. So how does this intermittent PSN Red Faction download stack up? Only one way to find out, which is to hop in those red planet rovers, drive and destroy... ... more.
  • Rush N’ Attack: Ex Patriot Walkthrough and Review PS3 XBox 360

    Posted by on April 6, 2011 under PS3 / PS4, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE
    Remember the original arcade Rush N' Attack? No, well good for you, that means you're young enough that you didn't have to suffer through the 80's as an adolescent like we did, that was some terrible music and bad hair for the most part, although we do also remember hip hop/rap birthing it's way in to mainstream culture and the first toaster-sized cell phones, so we guess the 80's did have their r... more.
  • Stardrone Walkthrough Video Guide (PS3) Stardrone Review

    Posted by on April 5, 2011 under Walkthroughs
    This week on PSN there is a new entry that, at least on first sight appears to be another "me too" clone of a genre of games that will likely be quite familiar, yet maybe there's more Stardrone than a quick first impression can tell. Which genre? Just trying to place Stardrone in a neat category turned out not to be as simple as that early first impression led me to be believe... Our first impr... more.
  • Crysis 2 Walkthrough (PC PS3 XBox 360) – Strategy Guide

    Posted by on March 18, 2011 under News, PC, PS3 / PS4, X360 / XBox ONE
    There are multiple reasons that Crysis 2 is certainly one of the more marquee titles to be released recently, but I believe the paramount reason would have the stunning visual look of the original title. So does the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo show us that even that impressive effort can be improved upon, graphics and otherwise ? CRYSIS 2 TRAILER  Well, first of all, there's the suit. ... more.
  • What is this Playstation Home you speak of? Part I

    Posted by on February 4, 2011 under News, PS3 / PS4
    When first deciding to make the commitment to learning how to function in the Playstation Home world, it can initially be pretty overwhelming, and I would imagine downright intimidating to some. What does it do ? What do I do there ? Where do I start ? The start-up list of potential barriers to the gamer unversed in Playstation Home protocol is varied and plentiful. Which is why I, Prof. Benny Obl... more.
  • Pixeljunk Shooter: A Control Freak’s Remedy

    Posted by on January 18, 2011 under Best Games, News, PS3 / PS4
    Every gamer should have a quality shooter in their repertoire, but quite often the feel of the game can translate straight to frustration, instead of fun. If the control scheme is too touchy or slow to respond, all other factors become irrelevant. No matter how gorgeous the graphics, catchy the music, or clever the level design, if your game progress is constantly hampered because your aim is off,... more.
  • Cuboid: Sometimes Simple, Is Better…

    Posted by on January 11, 2011 under Best Games, News, PS3 / PS4, Trailers
    Cuboid: Sometimes Simple, Is Better... You probably don't remember it, but when you were an innocent little toddler, you had a brightly colored plastic “fit the block in the hole” set, it kept you busy for hours on end, and you loved it... You're about to find out things haven't changed all that much. Cuboid is a 3D puzzler. Your goal ? Move the Cuboid, ( think a pair of dice glued togethe... more.
  • NeoGeo comes to PSN

    Posted by on December 22, 2010 under News, Paws Button, Tech Bones
    SNK playmore is launching an awesome project called the NeoGeo station in recognition of its 20th anniversary.   The Japanese publisher and developer will introduce a NeoGeo emulation portal featuring an onslaught of classic NeoGEo favorites, including King of Fighters '94, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, Metal Slug, and Alpha Mission 2. All games will be ported in there original 199... more.
  • On PlayStation Network this week: Kung-Fu Live, Alien Breed 2, Qlione Evolve, Qore Episode 31 (PSN), Neogeo Heroes, Tron: Evolution (PSP)

    Posted by on December 8, 2010 under News, Paws Button, PS3 / PS4, PSP / PSVita, Walkthroughs
    On PlayStation Network now: Kung-Fu Live, Alien Breed 2, Qlione Evolve, Qore Episode 31 (PSN), Neogeo Heroes, Tron: Evolution (PSP) Sony gives us what's NEW this week on the PSN for downloadable games, expansions, demos and videos. Below is a current list for the PS3 AND PSP releases, check it out! Wow, there's so much to look at, this is where playing an afternoon of demos might come in ha... more.

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