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  • Improving The PSN | GameGuideDog Partner Reports

    Posted by on September 13, 2011 under News, Paws Button
    It's often easy to forget just how far the PS3 has come since its launch back in late 2006. Not only are there better and more games, with better graphics and more evolved gameplay; but the PS3 itself has come a long way as well. Back when I first bought my old 60 GB PS3, the PSN Store was just a web page, and functioned like the browser. The first thing I ever downloaded was the Resistance: Fall ... more.
  • Elevator Action Deluxe coming to PSN | PS3

    Posted by on August 22, 2011 under News
    What's better than running a nifty emulator to play one of the most addicting arcade classics of all time?  Updating it of course, and that's just what Taito is doing. Taito is keeping fairly close to the source material in Elevator Action Deluxe. The PSN game is essentially an HD update with the original side-view gameplay and the familiar rows-of-doors stage layout. Additions to the ... more.
  • Outland Review | PSN XBLA

    Posted by on August 8, 2011 under News
    Outland, a video game published by Ubisoft is about the present day, where one man had started to experience dreams and visions of the past. He attempted to take medicine to stop it, thinking that this was a medical problem, but the medicine was ineffective; something larger was at play here. Released June 14th, 2011 on PSN, and April 27, 2011 for XBLA, our game reviewing specialists have done... more.
  • RAIN now on Mortal Kombat | Moves and Fatality List | XBLA PSN

    Posted by on July 19, 2011 under PS3 / PS4, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE
    Rain is now available for Mortal Kombat 2011! (Pronounced Reeeaahhhhnnn!) Here is the full moves and Fatality list for RAIN, now downloadable via XBLA and PSN for the new Mortal Kombat which released April 19th, 2011. Make sure you get your 'moves' on with this list and have fun Finishing THEM!!! 360: X(1) – Y(2) – A(3) – B(4) PS3: Square(1) – Triangle(2) – X(3) – Circle(4) Mo... more.
  • Voltron Defender of the Universe coming XBLA and PSN

    Posted by on July 18, 2011 under News
    One of my kid brothers favorite toys was Voltron, the multi transforming robot made up of five different action figures forming the huge robot. Also made fun of in an episode of South Park as "Mega Mega Man" at Cartman's Birthday party. The Voltron Defender of the Universe video game will be a top down shooter which shows the five different color lion warriors and will include five player co... more.
  • Who is the DLC winner of the week, PS3 XBox 360 or Wii?

    Posted by on July 16, 2011 under News
    If you are curious who had the most action on the DLC digital download content this week, it's important to note that the increase overall for purchasing this way from the net has given many titles a new venuw for game acquisition which is allowing many more developers to get on the playing field. The winning verdict is based on the content available this week only. Note: This summary is... more.
  • GamerInDepth Replay with Doc ep21 Featuring Grimm and TheLastNinja

    Posted by on July 12, 2011 under News
    Our friends at GamerInDepth have a pretty cool video discussing things like Sodium, PSN, and more on their podcast. Guests on their podcast video include Grimm and TheLastNinja- Check it all out at the link below. Thanks guys! Check it all out here at the GamerInDepth Video... more.
  • Resistance 3 demo included with Battle Los Angeles Blu-Ray

    Posted by on July 11, 2011 under News
    It has jut been reported to us that purchase of Battle Los Angeles Blu-Ray edition (and the movie was pretty darn awesome in our opinion), will include a full 30 minute demo of Resistance 3 for PS3. The exclusive offer is for a limited time only so make sure to grab your copy quickly if you want in on this sweet deal. Upon purchase is a reported 30 minute long single player demo of Resista... more.
  • Launch screens revealed for Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou (PSN)

    Posted by on July 5, 2011 under New Releases, News
    Some interesting and cheaper titles coming to PSN, along with some good screenshots, these two titles look interesting and even though they are anime, they are also strangely addictive blurring the line between casual gaming and puzzlers. MonkeyPaw Games today released several new screens to commemorate the launch of their two games on the Playstation Network Import Store, Rapid Angel and Ya... more.
  • Final Fantasy VII Reboot for PS3 back in the works?

    Posted by on May 24, 2011 under News
    Is the Final Fantasy VII remake back on tap at Square Enix? The long-rumored PS3 remake of Square’s FFVII PS1-classic has long been one of the most wanted titles of the modern era, with rumors of a remake persisting ever since Square debuted a tech-demo of the FFVII intro running on the PS3 back at 2005's E3. However mum has been the word since on the project, although Square briefly brought ... more.