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  • Which New Console will Your Games Be On? E3 Preview Update

    Posted by on May 23, 2013 under News
    Which of your favorite games franchises is destined for which new console?  E3 will certainly have world breaking news on the forefront of XBox One, as well as new improvements for Sony with it's flailing PS Vita debacle, so what of PS4 and WiiU?   Lets have a look both at what we can expect to hear about at E3 and which consoles these titles will be releasing on.  Here's a comprehensive... more.
  • Sorcery Review | PS3

    Posted by on June 5, 2012 under News
    PlayStation 3 owners equipped with PlayStation Move controllers have been waiting years to get their hands on Sorcery, the spell-casting action/adventure game promising to transform the Move into a sorcerer's wand capable of commanding magical elements. Now that it has launched, it is time to find out if Sorcery makes PlayStation Move magic or fizzles out like a miscast spell. The PlayStation... more.
  • MLB 12: The Show PlayStation Move Review

    Posted by on May 29, 2012 under Featured, News
    One of the major advancements of this season's edition of MLB The Show on PlayStation 3 is the full implementation of PlayStation Move motion control for everything, from pitching and batting to baserunning and fielding. Our partners at VGBlogger take a closer look at how the new motion control systems turned out. Last season, MLB 11 was the first game in Sony’s The Show baseball sim series... more.
  • Escape Plan Review | PS Vita

    Posted by on April 2, 2012 under Trailers
    Sony's PlayStation Vita is off and running with a ton of quality games to choose from, downloadable black-and-white puzzle game Escape Plan high up on the list of must-own launch titles. It doesn't escape without a few niggling touch screen gesture quirks, but the charming style, sitcom laugh track and clever puzzles make it a game worth checking out. It’s a nice coincidence: In a year in w... more.
  • Super Stardust Delta Review | PS Vita

    Posted by on April 2, 2012 under Paws Button
    Another top early PS Vita title that'll wear out those dual analog stick thumbs of yours is Super Stardust Delta, the latest twin-stick shoot 'em up from Housemarque. It's the perfect neon-explosion-filled showcase for the Vita's gorgeous display and so addictive it'll suck you back in for more like an anti-grav tractor beam. Twin-stick shooters simply weren’t possible on the PlayStation Po... more.
  • Tekken Hybrid Review | PS3 Blu-ray

    Posted by on February 24, 2012 under Featured, New Releases
    Namco Bandai pulls together the Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D movie, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue and Tekken Tag Tournament HD for a Blu-ray triple combo pack of Tekken fighting action only possible on PS3. But is this one-disc Tekken bundle as great a value as it seems to be on paper? Let's find out. Ready? Fight! It’s not uncommon for Sony to hype a game, a system, or some form of new te... more.
  • Upcoming Video Game Titles You Will Want To Play

    Posted by on January 30, 2012 under Paws Button
    Will you want to play these upcoming titles? From Mass Effect 3 to Dust 514, our 'guy on the street' gives a very personal opinion on what's coming out in the months ahead that's worthy of pointing out on your own video gaming radar.  We know our readers appreciate candid reports like this, so enjoy and let us know in the comments below what you think or what you can't wait for yourself! B... more.
  • PlayStation Move Game Guide

    Posted by on January 7, 2012 under Tech Bones
    PlayStation Move came into its own as a leading force in motion control gaming in 2011, and now, as we ring in 2012, it is a great time to hop aboard the Move train and set a New Year’s resolution to play more with motion control. Doubly so with the “Play Days” promotion underway. Many accessories and bundles are being sold for discounted rates at all major retailers through January 21st. ... more.
  • GameGuideDog to Celebrate 10 Years Next Month

    Posted by on January 5, 2012 under Featured, News
    Next month, on February 3rd, GameGuideDog will begin counting down the days to its 10th year anniversary (which is on March 3rd, 2012). , Various game companies like Atari, Bethesda, Sony, Microsoft, and of course GameGuideDog will commemorate a wonderful decade of accomplishments to both the video gamers of the world and the children's charities supported by GGD's members for pioneering the creat... more.
  • Vita not sold out in Japan – Users report problems | PS Vita

    Posted by on December 19, 2011 under News
    Vague sales reports are coming in from the front lines of Vita’s Japanese launch, and while apparently things are going fairly well, they’re not going quite as well as Sony could have hoped. The Vita has NOT sold out according to Japanese retailers. All reports are unconfirmed as of now, but rumors on NeoGAF place the sell-through at around 85% for the wi-fi model and 56% for the 3G model. ... more.

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