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  • Hands-On With Armikrog – Cliqist

    Posted by on March 23, 2015 under News
    Marcus Estrada writes: "Just a few years ago Kickstarter was bustling with huge names in the video game development scene. We’re starting to see that trend return, but in 2013 it was all about adventure games. Case in point, the Armikrog crowdfunding campaign by Pencil Test Studios, Inc. was an absolute hit. Headed by Doug TenNapel, who previously worked on the Via Hands-On With Armikr... more.
  • The Number 350, Not 1; Microsoft’s New Number Won’t Win the Console War

    Posted by on February 27, 2015 under News
    There are two things that determine the fate of any product. These things are image and effectiveness. If a product is great, but it has a bad reputation, it will have very low demand. If a product has a great reputation, but does carry out it's function well, consumers will not seek to waste funds on it. The effect of this Via The Number 350, Not 1; Microsoft's New Number Won't Win the Console W... more.
  • Fans Flip Out Over EA / Xbox One Deal

    Posted by on February 27, 2015 under News
    Attached Video Sponsored That's a good thing that Sony said no. Used to we would get respect, early access, and free dlc by just pre-ordering the game. Now we have to pay up to as much as the game just for maps or pay for subscription services to access things that should be given to us for free. No way in Via Fans Flip Out Over EA / Xbox One Deal... more.
  • CeX Review- Teslagrad

    Posted by on February 27, 2015 under News
    Denis Murphy writes- Now matter how far the games industry advances forward in terms of A.I, graphic fidelity and hardware, there will always be room for simpler, more stripped back pieces of entertainment. Personally this fact hit home during the era that surrounded the original Playstation. Here you had developers delving into the world of polygon based 3D games, but you Via CeX Review- Teslagr... more.
  • Dragon Ball XenoVerse review for PS4, Xbox One, PC | Gaming Age

    Posted by on February 27, 2015 under News
    GA: I think the last time I genuinely enjoyed a Dragon Ball Z video game was with Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 on PS2, which released in North America just a little over a decade ago. There’s been plenty of Dragon Ball titles in between now and then, but few have come remotely close to hitting the high bar set by Via Dragon Ball XenoVerse review for PS4, Xbox One, PC | Gaming Age... more.
  • Review: Pneuma: Breath of Life (Xbox One) | Purexbox

    Posted by on February 27, 2015 under News
    Purexbox: We weren't quite sure what to make of Pneuma: Breath of Life before getting our hands on it. Early trailers gave the impression that it was to be a Myst-like puzzle game that took itself very seriously. The visuals looked stunning and, although certainly having an artistic spice to them, appeared to primarily be concerned with realism. Basically, the video Via Review: Pneuma: Breath of ... more.
  • Global Weekly Video Game Sales [7 February]

    Posted by on February 27, 2015 under News
    Vgchartz shows the weekly sales from the 1st until the 7th of February. Both hardware and software: PS4 158,107 (+5%) 19,234,015 3DS 95,146 (+6%) 50,629,925 XOne 82,604 (+5%) 11,376,332 WiiU 44,183 (+19%) 9,182,027 PS3 44,161 (-3%) 85,150,396 X360 26,138 (+13%) 84,550,736 PSV 25,760 (-7%) 9,922,748 Wii 3,267 (+7%) 100,955,182 Weekly - Total 1 GTA V PS4 95,975 - 5,959,489 2 Advanced Via Global Wee... more.
  • Dragon Age Inquisition appeard on this week’s episode of NCIS, guess how gamers were potrayed

    Posted by on February 27, 2015 under News
    Following a growing trend in which popular video games are briefly featured in episodes of procedural detective dramas, Dragon Age: Inquisition was quickly shown in this week’s new episode of NCIS. The recently released BioWare title can be seen just for a few seconds in the latest NCIS episode, titled “Blast from the Past,” which originally aired on February 24. The Via Dragon ... more.
  • Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Dungeon Combat

    Posted by on February 27, 2015 under News
    AOTF: Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae, a demo for FFXV proper, is set to launch alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Today we get our first good look at some of the gameplay that will be featured in the upcoming demo for the highly anticipated JRPG. The video might be short, clocking in at a mere two minutes, but it will Via Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Dungeo... more.
  • Are High Definition Remasters Worthwhile?

    Posted by on February 6, 2015 under News
    Most video game developers are very risk-averse in the current economical climate. Studio closures and unsuccessful games have led many publishers and developers to fear trying something new, when they have the option to instead fall back onto an established series or brand. There are very few triple-A releases that are entirely new, original intellectual properties, but there is also a Via Are H... more.

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