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6 Game Franchises that should be resurrected on the PS3


The primary reason Sony sold over 100 million PS2 units was its spectacular collection of game titles. With a large number of video games introduced in those 10 years, the PS2 was untouchable by every other competitor. We decided to highlight ten franchises that observed high praise on the PS2, and for whatever reason failed to ever release on the PlayStation 3. We have optimism that we might find these fantastic video games sometime in the future during the PS3’s dominance here on earth.

Dark Cloud


Dark Cloud was obviously a fantasy RPG franchise from Level 5 which observed two full product releases. Level 5 was quickly among the best designers for the RPG genre. Despite the fact that their particular impact has diminished within the last few years together with the release of lesser received games like White Knight Chronicles, there isn’t any reason why they ought not continue development of a third installment from the Dark Cloud franchise on the PlayStation 3. Dark Chronicle had been a graphical landslide for the PS2 and when Level 5 makes a decision to create an additional Dark Cloud they’d have to collect their finest material as the present era has not been entirely favorable to Japanese trend games.

Soul Reaver


We are obviously unsure whether or not this can come about but when there’s a video game that basically helped realize story sharing within game titles Soul Reaver really should be mentioned. We feel this franchise will be provided new life soon because of the fact that Crystal Dynamics are just tinkering with Tomb Raider a great deal the past few years, including the upcoming reboot. Anyhow, if there was clearly a Soul Reaver for PS3 released, we would love to see it in action with a bunch more boss fights, elemental puzzles, additional powers for the main character along with an adequate conclusion to its storyline this time.



If you were a game playing enthusiast over the last decade then it’s assured you at least heard of Manhunt This was an extremely difficult game, however it was tough to pass by. Even now recognized among the the majority of most violent franchises nowadays, Manhunt had been all about killing finess when you are talking about killing style. The follow up was kind of a half hearted attempt at generating the original’s overall look and feeling and didn’t do justice for the expertise of the Rockstar’s designers. Since Rockstar is on a role with last year’s Red Dead Redemption, Manhunt 3 would obviously be a welcomed addition as long as the ratings board didn’t give them too much hassle. If you recall, this game had some serious issues in the media where violence was concerned and the game was actually banned in certain countries.


Fatal Frame


If there is a gaming series that caused us to jump off our seats it has to be the Fatal Frame from Tecmo. Presently there happen to be a number of game titles in the franchise that have usually included frightening outlines like exorcism and also the time tested Japanese Shinto rituals. The thing that shocks us most would be the fact there isn’t any Fatal Frame on PS3. A brand new Fatal Frame game is anticipated to be released later this season however it’s solely on the Wii. Tecmo has really gone down this generation, not forgetting the dreadful Quantum Theory produced last year. Here’s to hoping for Fatal Frame on a more powerful console system.


Viewtiful Joe


Another Capcom video game on our list and another discouragement of not finding this title completed into a franchise and returning to the present technology of consoles. With all the video games outlined right here, they have all been rendered in three dimensions, thus we feel it is unjust not to include at least one 2D platformer. Viewtiful Joe was obviously an attractive appearing video game with cel-shaded images. Acclaimed for its distinctive VFX capabilities like managing time and Mach Speed that allows Joe to run at extremely great rates of speed. The PlayStation 3 is supposed to produce immersive realms and stunning 3D locations, however with the latest franchises like Little Big Planet 2 it is obvious that the Viewtiful Joe franchise could still have something more to deliver on the nextgen systems.



Just like other Rockstar offerings had been a wide open sand box video game and shared a comical tale of a rotten brat: Jimmy Hopkins. Showcasing mini games and fun filled BMX races, finishing Bully would really take up a good chunk of your time. You are able to visit numerous places like down town and try to escape from school making use of your go-kart and skateboard. The overall game was initially introduced on the PS2 then followed up with a Scholarship Edition on the Xbox 360 and Wii. If you’ll notice, there wasn’t a PS3 edition of Bully. However in one of the interviews, Shawn Lee whom provided the background music for Bully said, “Yes. It looks like I will be doing the soundtrack for Bully 2 in the not so distant future” So let’s hope the franchise will come to the PS3 this time.

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