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Dead Island Walkthrough and Trailer

Now we get to watch the Dead Island trailer both in forward and in reverse… very cool!

If you haven’t heard of Dead Island, you will now.  Make sure you check out the Dead Island Walkthrough on this site.  The topic of discussion (along with your comments below as well) has been one of the peak interests of the gaming industry since last week as developer Techland revealed its trailer for Dead Island, a journey into the vacationing mecca of zombie attacks that would make the Griswald’s cringe or head back to Vegas.

Being that the trailer is one of the most discussed gaming release staples of the last week, we’ve provided the trailer for your viewing pleasure below.  Only we’ve also included it in reverse. You need to watch it forward, or let it load up so you can jump to the middle, but it’s pretty cool to see it in reverse (forward) the way it wasn’t meant to be. Overall the trailer is quite disturbing and that just gets us all riled up with mavericky gory joy.

Interesting to note that the Facebook fan page flooded over the 100k mark at the release of the trailer, and that Marketing Director of Deep Silver, George Larch explains that the trailer depicts the environmentally unfriendly dead life  indigenous to the vacationing region which ultimately turns your trip from a relaxing getaway into many strenuous cardio and aerobic activities not originally on the schedule.  Sorry we couldn’t resist.


WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This trailer may not be suitable for individuals under 18.

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