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PS3 Minis: Let’s Golf Review

Sony decided to throw us Playstation Plus faithful a bonus mini for the month of February in the form of Let’s Golf. How does it stack up ? Well, “Let’s” get this review “teed” up and have a look shall we ?

At only 45 MB, Let’s Golf is, at the very least, kind to those of us finding ourselves getting short on PS3 hard drive space, but how much fun is squeezed out of those 45 megabytes ? Let’s Golf has four modes; “Instant Play” which allows us to hop right in, “Hot Seat”, a variation that requires 2 golfers minimum and tallies score as well as strokes, “Tournament” which pits you against a full contingent of computer opponents in your choice of holes 1-9, 10-18, a full 18, or 9 roles randomized, and finally “Free Hole”, which allows the golfer to select from 4 different courses from around the world to putt around on at the difficulty setting of their choice.

The golfer is able to select from their choice of four different golfers, 2 male, 2 female, all with their own unique strengths and weaknesses to their golf game, such as power, accuracy, recovery ability, and putting skill. Let’s Golf’s presentation will look very familiar to any PS3 video golf fan, as the initial look appears very borrowed from the “Hot Shots” golf game franchise, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as “Hot Shots” pretty much has the market covered for non-realistic, arcade style golf. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot about Let’s Golf that’s going to justifiably warrant comparisons to the “Hot Shots” franchise.

The graphics in Let’s Golf are bright and cartoon-like, a little on the pixelated side, but for a PS3 mini, get a passing grade. The game mechanics of Let’s Golf are pretty straight forward and should be picked up quite easily by any seasoned video golfer, using the “C” curved swing model, 3 hit of the “x” button configuration to set the starting swing, power, and accuracy. For those new to video golf, there is a tutorial mode available. The background music in Let’s Golf is fast and busy, the usual fare that can get annoyingly repetitive if not toned down a little in the early going, the kind that can follow you to bed at night after the evening’s gaming is done if you’re not careful.

The actual gameplay of Let’s Golf is probably what any video golf fan would expect. Select the correct club for the required distance, adjust power for the quality of turf, ( fairway, sand, rough, etc…), re-adjust to factor in the strength of the wind, and time your 3 hit combo. There was an annoying quirk to Let’s Golf I must mention though. When attempting to make your “guesstimate” about where to place your approximated shot, it was frustrating that the level of zoom allowed did not allow the golfer to see the grain or direction of the “lie”. Basically leaving it up to chance whether on not your ball would get a friendly roll when coming back in contact with the green. This omission of shot influencing information was a definite strike against the playability of Let’s Golf. This problem continued right on to the putting green, as sometimes it could be difficult to read the direction or “flow” of the green on some holes.

Let’s Golf could be described as “Hot Shots Lite”. As long as the gamer keeps in mind that this a 45 MB PS3 mini, it’s a satifactory, little time killer. If you already own any of even the PS2 entries in the “Hot Shots” franchise, a gamer would find Let’s Golf a repetitious, redundant purchase. For those that don’t already any of the previously mentioned titles, and are budget concious, Let’s Golf may have found it’s niche, albeit a small one.

Prof. Benny Oblivion

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